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HYUNDAI Quarter Mile Times

On this day: 02-24-1909

Hudson Motor incorporated

The Hudson Motor Car Company, founded by Joseph Hudson, in Detroit, Michigan, was incorporated on this day. Hudson is perhaps most famous for its impact on NASCAR racing, which it accomplished thanks to a revolutionary design innovation. In 1948, Hudson introduced the Monobuilt design. The Monobuilt consisted of a chassis and frame that were combined in a unified passenger compartment, producing a strong, lightweight design with a beneficial lower center of gravity that did not affect road clearance. Hudson called the innovation the "step-down design" because, for the first time, drivers had to step down to get into their cars. In 1951, Hudson introduced the Hornet. Fitted with a bigger engine than previous Hudson models, the Hudson Hornet became a dominant force on the NASCAR circuit. Because of its lower center of gravity, the Hornet glided around corners with relative ease, leaving its unstable competitors in the dust. For the first time a car not manufactured by the Big Three was winning big. In 1952, Hudson won 29 of 34 events. Excited by their success on the track, Hudson executives began directly backing their racing teams, providing the team cars with everything they needed to increase success. The Big Three responded, and in doing so brought about the system of industry-backed racing that has become such a prominent marketing tool today. The Hudson Hornet would dominate NASCAR racing until 1955 when rule changes led to an emphasis on horsepower over handling.

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Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
2011HyundaiSonata SE 2.0T6.20014.700Car & Driver
2011HyundaiSonata SE (6 spd. A)7.80016.100Car & Driver
2011HyundaiSonata SE7.50015.800Road & Track
2011HyundaiEquus6.10014.500Car & Driver
2011HyundaiElantra Limited8.90016.900Car & Driver
2010HyundaiGenesis Coupe5.70014.100Motor Trend
2010HyundaiGenesis Coupe 3.85.70014.400Road&Track
2010HyundaiTuscon GLS AWD (6 spd. A w/M)8.60016.800Car & Driver
2010HyundaiGenesis 3.86.00014.600Car & Driver
2010HyundaiGenesis Coupe6.10014.400motorweek.org
2009HyundaiGenesis 4.66.00014.500(C&D Online)
2009HyundaiSanta-Fe8.40016.500(C&D Online)
2009HyundaiSonata V66.9000.000(C&D Online)
2009HyundaiGenesis 4.6L V85.50013.900Road & Track
2009HyundaiGenesis Coupe 2.0T7.20015.400Road & Track
2009HyundaiGenesis Coupe Track5.70014.400Road & Track
2009HyundaiGenesis 4.65.30013.800Car & Driver
2008HyundaiSonata I4 (automatic)8.80016.800(C&D Online)
2007HyundaiElantra SE7.90016.300(C&D Online)
2007HyundaiVeracruz AWD7.70016.000(C&D Online)
2007HyundaiSanta Fe9.40017.300motorweek.org
Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
2006HyundaiSonata V6 6.6000.000(C&D Online)
2003HyundaiAccent GT10.00017.400
2002HyundaiElantra GLS8.5000.000(C&D Online)
2002HyundaiTiburon GT V-67.10015.600
2002HyundaiElantra GT8.00016.300motorweek.org
2000HyundaiAccent GSI10.00016.500
1999HyundaiSonata GLS10.30017.500
1998HyundaiTiburon FX7.90016.100(Edmunds Online)
1995HyundaiSonata GLS9.80017.500
1993HyundaiScoupe Turbo8.30016.300
1992HyundaiElantra GLS10.50017.700
1990HyundaiExcel GLS12.50018.600
1987HyundaiExcel GL14.00019.400
1986HyundaiExcel GLS12.90019.000