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ACURA Quarter Mile Times

On this day: 05-23-1934

Outlaws Bonnie and Clyde shot to death in stolen Ford

Texas and Louisiana state police officers shot Bonnie and Clyde as they attempted to escape apprehension in a stolen 1934 Ford Deluxe near Bienville Parish, Louisiana. The only charge the Bureau could chase them on was a violation of the National Motor Vehicle Act, which gave federal agents the authority to pursue suspects accused of interstate transportation of a stolen automobile. The car in question was a Ford, stolen in Illinois and found abandoned in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Inside, agents discovered a prescription bottle later traced to the Texas home of Clyde Barrow´s aunt. When Parker and Barrow were spotted, going some 85 mph in the stolen Ford Deluxe with a V-8 engine, the officers let loose with a hail of bullets, leaving the couple no chance of survival. The bullet-ridden Deluxe, originally owned by Ruth Warren of Topeka, Kansas, was later exhibited at carnivals and fairs then sold as a collector´s item; in 1988, the Primm Valley Resort and Casino in Las Vegas purchased it for some $250,000. Barrow´s enthusiasm for cars was evident in a letter he wrote earlier in the spring of 1934, addressed to Henry Ford himself: “While I still have got breath in my lungs I will tell you what a dandy car you make. I have drove Fords exclusively when I could get away with one. For sustained speed and freedom from trouble the Ford has got every other car skinned and even if my business hasn´t been strictly legal it don´t hurt anything to tell you what a fine car you got in the V-8”.

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Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
2011AcuraTSX V-66.00014.600Car & Driver
2011AcuraMDX6.70015.200Car & Driver
2011AcuraTSX Sport Wagon8.20016.400Car & Driver
2010AcuraTSX V66.10014.700Car & Driver
2010AcuraZDX6.50015.000Truck Trend
2010AcuraZDX6.40014.900Car & Driver
2010AcuraTL SH-AWD Tech HPT (6spd. M)5.20013.700Road&Track
2010AcuraTSX V-65.90014.400Road & Track
2010AcuraTSX V66.70015.200motorweek.org
2009AcuraTL6.20014.700(MT Jan 09)
2009AcuraTSX7.00015.300(MT Jan 09)
2009AcuraRL6.20014.700Road & Track
2009AcuraTLSH AWD5.90014.400Road & Track
2009AcuraTSX 7.00015.400Car & Driver
2008AcuraTSX7.50015.500Road & Track
2007Acura RDX6.30014.800Road and Track
2007Acura TL Type S5.70014.300Road and Track
2005AcuraRSX-S6.40014.900(C&D Sept. '05)
2005AcuraRSX A-Spec6.90015.400motorweek.org
2004AcuraTL 6 speed6.00014.440
2004AcuraTL A Spec5.70014.250
2003Acura3.2CL Type-S6.50014.900
2003AcuraRSX Type S6.70015.100
2003Acura3.2 CL Type-S5.90014.500motorweek.org
2002Acura3.2CL Type S6.80015.000
2002Acura3.2TL Type S6.20014.800
2002AcuraRSX Type S6.10014.800
2002Acura3.2TL Type-S6.60015.100motorweek.org
2002Acura3.5 RL7.90016.100motorweek.org
2001AcuraNSX V64.50012.900(C&D TV 2001)
2000AcuraCL 3.07.30015.700(MT Online)
Yearmakemodel0-601/4 mileComment
1999Acura3.2 TL7.60015.800motorweek.org
1997AcuraIntegra Type R6.50014.700
1996AcuraIntegra GS-R7.10015.500
1996AcuraIntegra SE7.90016.100
1996AcuraSLX Premium Pkg.11.10018.100
1996Acura3.5 RL7.50016.000motorweek.org
1994AcuraIntegra GS-R7.10015.500
1994AcuraIntegra LS7.60016.000
1993AcuraIntegra GS-R6.50015.200
1993AcuraLegend Coupe7.50015.900
1993AcuraLegend Coupe LS7.30015.700
1993AcuraLegend LS6.70015.400
1992AcuraIntegra GS-R6.80015.400
1992AcuraLegend LS7.90016.100
1992AcuraVigor GS8.60016.600
1992AcuraVigor LS8.70016.700
1991AcuraLegend Coupe8.80016.700
1991AcuraLegend LS7.90016.100
1991AcuraLegend Sedan8.30016.200
1991AcuraLegend Sedan LS8.10016.100
1990AcuraIntegra 3-Dr GS9.20016.800
1990AcuraIntegra GS8.90016.600
1990AcuraLegend Coupe9.00017.000
1989AcuraIntegra LS9.30017.100
1988AcuraLegend Coupe L9.60017.200
1987AcuraLegend Coupe L7.70016.000
1986AcuraIntegra RS9.30017.000
1986AcuraIntegra LS8.80016.500
1986AcuraLegend Sedan8.10016.400